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Useful tips if you are traveling to Paris

Updated: Jan 31

One of the most romantic cities in Europe, Paris is a dream destination for almost everyone.

Paris is one of the most visited cities in Europe, so there are some things you should know before visiting this city.

Today we are going to share with you our tips about this incredible city, how to get there, how to get around, and where to stay, to make your trip to Paris even more unforgettable!

If you are planning to visit Paris for the first time this article is for you!

Disclaimer: In this article you will find some links to different travel's partners. They are all trustworthy and if you use some of them to book an experience or stay, for example, you are helping us maintaining the work we do on this project.

Useful tips if you are traveling to Paris

1. Best time to visit Paris

The best time to go to Paris is, without a doubt, in spring and autumn; this way, you can avoid large crowds and can count on having pleasant weather.

During these seasons, the city becomes even more beautiful with the pink tones of the cherry blossom trees (end of March to mid-April) and the orange tones of the autumn foliage (October).

We also visited Paris in December, and it was really cool to see the Christmas markets and Christmas lights around the city. If you choose this time of year, we recommend that you bring plenty of layered clothing, it was really cold!

2. Check your arrival and departure airport before travel

Paris has 3 airports: Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly, and Beauvais. Depending on the location, the distance to the city center and the transport to be used are different.

  • From CDG Airport to the center of Paris, the most recommended route is to take the RER train line B (11€) to Gare du Nord (25 minutes) or Châtelet-Les-Halles (28 minutes).

  • If your arrival airport is Orly Airport, you can take the combined Orlyval + RER. The Orlyval is a shuttle that connects the airport and the Antony station on the RER line B, it takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the center. The combined ticket price is around 12€.

  • If you arrive at Beauvais Airport, the best solution is to take the BusBeauvais to the center of Paris. The one-way ticket costs 17€ and goes to Porte Maillot station (near the Arc de Triomphe), the journey takes approximately 1h15 minutes depending on traffic.

How to get from the airport to Paris center
How to get from the airport to Paris center

3. Book a hotel near the center

Paris is a very big city, so the best option is to choose a hotel close to a metro station.

There are some popular areas to stay such as: Le Marais, Montmartre, Champs-Élysées, Opera District, and Ile de la Cité.

We have already stayed near the Tuileries Garden and the Louvre Museum, at the Lion d'Or Louvre. The location was excellent and the staff were very friendly!

We also stayed in Montmartre, at the Hotel Millie Rose, which was very close to a metro station and the room was very comfortable.

We recommend both hotels. They have that unique Parisian vibe and the staff are very friendly. We booked both through Booking.

Where to stay in Paris
Breakfast at a Paris' balcony

4. Comfortable footwear is essential

As they say, there is no better way to get to know a city than on foot, and we support that 1000%!

As good as the public transport network in Paris is, we chose to explore much of the city on foot.

There are several routes that you can walk, passing through various tourist attractions. For example, on one of the days we did Louvre – Champs Elysées - Arc de Triomphe - Trocadero - Eiffel Tower - Alexandre III Bridge, all on foot. The next day, Le Marais - Notre Dame - Pantheon - Jardin du Luxembourg.

If you like walking, bring comfortable shoes and explore the city on foot.

5. Buy tickets online

If you want to visit the main spots of the city such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, or the Palace of Versailles, skip the queues and book your tickets online.

We always book through GetYourGuide and we highly recommend it, it always goes very well!

6. Save on metro travel

There are two ways to save some money on metro journeys:

  • Navigo Pass: This is a weekly pass that runs for full weeks, from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, if you arrive in Paris on a Saturday and stay until Tuesday it is not the best solution as the pass only works until Sunday. One week costs 22.80€ and you must bring a passport-style photo and pay a non-refundable 5€.

  • Ticket T+: you can choose to buy a package of 10 trips, each single ticket costs 1.90€, while a package with 10 costs 14.90€.

Important: Always keep your ticket until the end of the trip!

7. Take advantage of free entry

In Paris, many museums and monuments have free admission for people under 18 and people under 26 residing in the European Union.

We have prepared for you a list of the main museums and monuments that participate in this program:

  • Louvre Museum

  • Musée d'Orsay

  • Arch of Triumph

  • Palace of Versailles

  • Center Pompidou

  • Paris Pantheon

  • Saint Chapelle

  • Rodin Museum

  • Quai Branly Museum

  • Orangery Museum

  • Picasso Museum

  • Concierge

8. Learn a few words in French

We love learning some words and phrases in the language of the country we are visiting. We think it shows some interest on our part and is pleasant.

Below is a list of words and phrases that may be useful:

  • Merci / Thank you;

  • Bonjour / Good morning;

  • Bonsoir / Good evening;

  • Au revoir / Goodbye

  • S’il vous plaît / Please;

  • De rien / You're welcome;

  • Pardon / Sorry;

  • Oui / Yes;

  • Non / No;

  • Je ne comprends pas / I don't understand

  • Je ne parle pas français / I don't speak French

9. Try French Sweets

There are no arguments against facts and in Paris, we find the best pastry! From macarons to croissants, to pain au chocolat, what a delight…

On your trip to Paris, forget about your diet and take the opportunity to try typical sweets such as Eclair, Crème Brûlée, Profiteroles, Crepe Suzette, Madeleine, Mille Feuille, Tarte Tatin, clafoutis… Which is the most delicious?

10. Enjoy the happy hours

Most bars and restaurants in Paris have Happy Hour, that is, hours when the price of drinks is lower.

Happy Hours usually

start at 5:00 pm and end around 9:00 pm.

11. Beware of scams

In most tourist areas of the city, such as Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, and Le Marais, you can find a variety of schemes to deceive tourists...

The most frequent in Paris are the bracelet, the false petition, the cups game, the "help" on buying the metro ticket, among (many) others…

We watched two, one of them was the bracelet where they try to put a bracelet on your arm even against your will and then make you pay. It happened when we were going down the stairs of Montmartre, we had already seen several guys in the distance so we were already prepared with our hands deep in our pockets when we passed them. One of them came close to us and asked if we wanted a bracelet, Marcos said no and we started walking faster. The boy insisted and we said no again. The boy even said “I will fight you!” and we left fast… Everything went “fine” but we have heard stories that they can be aggressive…

In other areas of the city, we were approached several times by people asking us to sign a fake petition.

12. Make restaurant reservations in advance

The best-known restaurants in Paris tend to be always full, especially during the weekend.

Therefore, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance at those restaurants that you really want to visit.

Pink Mama Paris
Pink Mama Paris

13. Watch some movies to get inspired

Who doesn't feel like going to Paris after watching "Emily in Paris"? Well, I was… And a lot!

Here is a list of movies to inspire you before your trip:

  • Amélie Poulain's fabulous destiny;

  • Ratatouille;

  • Midnight in Paris;

  • Moulin Rouge;

  • Before sunset;

  • The Da Vinci Code;

  • Paris, I love you;

  • La vie en Rose;

14. Get travel insurance!

Traveling is an exciting experience, full of adventures and unforgettable moments. However, it is essential to be prepared for any unforeseen events during your trip. That's where travel insurance comes in, an indispensable ally to guarantee peace of mind and safety while exploring new destinations. The insurance we use is from IATI Seguros!

This has many types of travel insurance depending on your type of trip and different coverage. In addition, when purchasing insurance through our link, you are guaranteed a special 5% discount. Don't let unforeseen circumstances spoil your adventure!

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