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Experiences you can't miss in Marrakech

Updated: Jan 15

In the last article, we shared with you what to do in Marrakech. Today we are going to share with you six experiences that you cannot miss when you visit this city in Morocco.

If you are planning to visit Marrakech, prepare yourself for a series of captivating experiences that will not only define your trip but will also allow you to create unforgettable memories.

In this article, we will explore some of the unmissable experiences that Marrakech has to offer.

Disclaimer: In this article you will find some links to different travel's partners. They are all trustworthy and if you use some of them to book an experience or stay, for example, you are helping us maintaining the work we do on this project.

Must-see experiences in Marrakech:

- Try typical food

Moroccan cuisine is known for its color, spices, and authentic flavor. Below we leave you a list of several typical dishes that you really cannot miss:

  • Couscous: this dish is not missing from any restaurant menu in Marrakech. It can be served with meat or vegetables.

  • Tajine: is a dish cooked slowly in a clay pot with the same name. There are meat, fish, and vegetarian options. The most common are chicken tagine and kefta tagine (meatballs).

Chicken Tajine
Chicken Tajine
  • Pastilla: pastilla is a sweet and savory pie, the most common filling is meat. We didn't try it, but we know people who loved it and highly recommended it.

  • Harira: is a tomato soup with lentils, chickpeas, meat, and a mixture of spices. It is eaten with bread and we love it.

  • Mint tea: Tea is part of Moroccan culture. It is prepared with fresh leaves and served as a welcome drink in many riads.

- Staying in a Riad

Riads are traditional houses that are located inside the medina. They have typical Moroccan architecture and the decor is stunning with patterns and colorful tiles.

Generally, they have a few rooms that open onto an interior courtyard, these are spaces that convey peace and tranquility, which contrasts with the hustle and bustle of the outside.

Staying in a Riad will, without a doubt, provide you with a more authentic experience. Here are two suggestions:

  • Riad Botanica: This is a small luxury riad located inside the medina. With a peaceful atmosphere and decoration with typical Moroccan tiles, this is one of the most beautiful and highly Instagrammable riads.

  • Riad Kheirredine: A true oasis of peace and tranquility, this luxury riad also features a restaurant with typical food, a spa, two swimming pools, and a terrace with panoramic views of the medina. Every corner of the riad is decorated in a traditional Moroccan style, providing a calm and relaxing environment.

- Shopping in the souks

Souks are traditional markets where you can find a wide variety of products. They are located inside the medina and here you can buy carpets, spices, crockery, shoes, food, jewelry, etc.

In Morocco, negotiating is cultural, so barging is part of the experience. Keep in mind that the initial price that sellers ask for is much higher than the amount you should buy for. If you want to buy an item, first evaluate how much it might cost. Then, it offers a lower price for which you want to buy and goes up until you reach the price you want. Believe us, they never lose!

- Enjoy the view on a Rooftop

Marrakech is a city that benefits from unique architecture. Climbing to a rooftop provides spectacular views of the city, especially during sunset. Many restaurants and cafes offer this type of experience, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the city's atmosphere.

  • Dardar Rooftop: this rooftop is located inside the medina and offers a variety of Moroccan and international dishes. It has an incredible view of the medina, which makes it the ideal place to watch the sunset while enjoying a delicious cocktail.

- Watch a Belly Dance show

Belly dancing is a traditional dance in the Arab world, and in Marrakech, there are several places where you can enjoy live shows.

These shows are a great way to immerse yourself in local culture and have a pleasant time.

  • Le Salama: located next to Jemaa el-Fna Square, Le Salama offers a varied menu of Moroccan and international dishes. Every night there is a belly dancing show at 9 pm.

- Take a Desert Tour

If you're in Marrakech, you can't miss the opportunity to go to the desert. You have two options: take a trip to the Sahara Desert or go to the Agafay Desert.

The Sahara Desert is 9 hours away from Marrakech, and the best way to get there is on a 3-day/2-night tour. That's what we did and we highly recommend it.

Along the way, we visited several places, such as Ait Ben Haddou (where Game of Thrones and Gladiator were filmed) and Todra Gorges. We ended up in the Sahara Desert, where we watched the sunset over the large dunes, spent the night in a Berber camp, and experienced an unforgettable sunrise.

The other option is the Agafay Desert, which is just an hour from Marrakech, and you can do various activities, such as camel riding and dinner, or riding a motorbike. The big difference is that this is a flatter desert, and you don't see those huge dunes that are found in the Sahara Desert.

Our tip: For those who don't have many days, we recommend the Agafay Desert, but if you have more time, go to the Sahara Desert, as the experience is truly unforgettable.

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