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Enjoy The Wood: the perfect present for travelers

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Do you like to travel? Are you one of those people who always brings a souvenir, like a magnet to put on the fridge and show your visitors all the places you've been? Or do you simply want to redecorate that space in your home? Then we know the ideal item, either for you or to gift that person who loves to travel! Do you already know the EnjoytheWood maps?

wall world map

Is it just another World Map? No, it's not.

A few months ago we added the missing element to our home. Something that fully reflected our passion for traveling and that's when we discovered EnjoytheWood's maps. And yes, they are more than just a world map.

Enjoythewood is a Ukrainian company that creates high quality wooden maps, with the purpose of inspiring you to travel, discover and explore the world!

Despite the war that took place in their country, they never gave up and continue to produce items, sending them all over the world.

Among different formats, from 2D to 3D, with colors or with LEDs, and in different sizes (M, L, XL, XXL), the options are many and there is choices for every taste.

We chose the 3D Wooden World Map Terra, size L, and it fits A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in our living room!

world wooden map

The map also comes with some extra accessories such as pins with the flags of all countries, pins to mark those most special places, such as the honeymoon location, the place where you studied, and much more...

As photography lovers, we chose to add a set of 9 wooden frames where we can place our favorite photos of the various destinations we have already visited.

The order is placed on the official EnjoytheWood website and delivery takes about 2 weeks.

Assembly is relatively easy, however it takes time. The process is estimated to take about 2 hours and is a lot of fun, we think it can be extremely educational to have your children help you assemble the map.

On Youtube you can watch a video that demonstrates how the map should be assembled, it is very useful, especially to know where to start placing the pieces!

flags pins to put on the map

Once the assembly was complete, all that was left was to add the personal touch: add the countries already visited with the pin of the flag of each country!

Now, after each trip to a new country, we add a pin to the map with the flag of that country!

Yes, it's more than a map.

We can say that more than a map is the reflection of our adventures at home, and serves not only as a reminder of what we've experienced and where we've been, but also as inspiration for future trips.

Now, upon entering our living room, our eyes are drawn to the EnjoytheWood map. Having been there for over 5 months, it continues to inspire us to travel and fills us with pride about all the places we've been (also filling that wall in the living room that was eternally empty).

world wooden map

We recommend these maps to everyone. To travelers, to those who just want to redecorate that little corner of their home and to those who want to be inspired to live their dreams and adventures. The world is huge, we are all different and that is what makes this planet so special. With this map we feel inspired to explore the world and discover all the magical places, cultures and experiences that this world can give us.


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